Product Description:

Odor bag is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and teflon tube. Odor bag can be applied to collect odor sample for identification purpose and applies to GB/T 14675-1993 Air quality - Determination of odor-Triangle odor bag method.

Refer to the table for specifications of odor bag.

Product Display:

Models and specifications are as follows :

Product Name
Volume(L)Specifications(CM)Connecting Pipe Specification(MM)
3L(Rubber plug)324×28External diameter6.35  Inner-diameter4.35
10L(Rubber plug)1040×40External diameter12    Inner-diameter10
10L(Stainless fitting)1040×40Stainless steel 304 cartridge: 1 / 4 inch – 10

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